More Rain Forecast As Floods Invade Chennai’s Streets, Homes And Airport

More heavy rainfall is forecast for Chennai, one of India’s largest cities, where massive floods this week have overrun multi-lane highways, an airport runway, streets and homes.

Emergency workers, including the Indian armed forces, rescued more than 120,000 people on Wednesday and Thursday and operations are still ongoing, K.S. Kandaswamy, deputy commissioner of Chennai Corporation disclosed.


At least 269 people have died since October 26 when the unusually heavy monsoon rains began in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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Chennai’s airport showed planes grounded by flood water and as of Thursday morning, some 250 passengers were stranded.

The airport is expected to remain closed until noon Sunday and flights have been canceled or diverted.

Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the region on Thursday and said he was “pained” by the devastation he witnessed from the air and on the ground. He pledged $290 million in relief funds.

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