Builder discovers 70-year-old letter addressed to Santa Claus in chimney


A 72-year-old letter to Santa Claus has been discovered in a chimney.

This time, it wasn’t Father Christmas, but builder Lewis Shaw who stumbled upon the note in the fireplace of a home he was demolishing, Caversham, Reading.

Most people would have thrown it away but he decided to try to find the owner on Facebook.

According to, David Haylock, 78, eventually came forward and admitted he sent the note when he was around six years old.

What’s more, Mr Shaw surprised him with the gifts he had requested.

Man reunited with 60-year-old Santa's letter
David Haylock (second right) and his wife Carol look at presents given to them by builders Miles Shaw

The letter read: ‘Dear Father Christmas, Please can you send me a Rupert annual, and a drum box of chalks, soldiers and Indians, slippers and any little toys you have to spare, Love David.’

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Man reunited with 60-year-old Santa's letter
60-year-old note to Father Christmas that was found stuck in the chimney

Mr Haylock said: ‘It has been a very long time since I sent this list, but it has definitely been worth the wait, it’s amazing really,’ he told Get Reading.

‘It was war time when I sent this. I can remember bending down with my mother and putting it up the chimney, and waiting for the draught to take it up.’

‘I am quite excited to open them now but I will have to wait until December 25, if I can.

So don’t feel too down if you don’t receive the presents you ask Santa for this Christmas, it could take another 72 years.

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