Taylor Swift bids for ‘Swiftmas’ trademark


Taylor Swift is seeking to trademark the word “Swiftmas” and “1989”, the name of her album, in the US.

According to a report by the BBC, it is the 25-year-old’s latest attempt to stop others from using phrases associated with her on merchandise.

“Swiftmas” is the word the singer’s fans use to describe the random acts of kindness she makes, such as giving them unexpected presents.

Earlier this year Swift applied to trademark some of her song lyrics such as “this sick beat”.

The pop star submitted her requests to the US Patent and Trademark Office on 3 December.

In her latest bid, the singer has added the song title “Blank Space” and lyric “And I’ll write your name” to the list of applications.

The application for 1989 only applies to the date presented in a “stylised form” – imitating Swift’s album cover.

She also wants to trademark the phrase “A girl named girl” which is reported to be the title of an unpublished book.

Her name, signature and initials have already received trademark protection.

If granted, the trademark would stop others from using the phrases on items such as clothing, stickers, bags and other merchandise.

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