British woman found wandering naked round Bangkok causes stir

A British woman found wandering naked around the streets of Bangkok has explained why she did it.

Leonie Graves said that she was ‘just doing her own thing’ and she stripped because she was hot.

The 35-year-old sparked panic when she went missing for several days but was foundagain on Tuesday.

Onlookers alerted police after seeing her wandering through the city without any clothes on.

Yesterday she spoke to MailOnline saying: ‘I’m fine, if you speak to my family let them know, but I’m fine. I’m just doing my own thing.

‘Thank you for calling, but I’m fine. Yeah, I don’t really want to speak to anybody. I didn’t want to stay in that house any more. I just needed a break.’

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When police first tried to speak to her, she ran away but officers managed to catch up with her and handed her a cover up.

They then took her to be questioned but could not understand her so took to hospital for examination.

Photos show Leonie being escorted by several police officers.

Chana Songkhram police say there is no suspicion that the woman was attacked.

Her mother has flown to Bangkok in the hope of being reunited with her daughter.

Rescue worker Jakchai Banyensakul, who took the pictures and video, said: ‘The woman was found in Khao San Road.

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‘It was very hot, and there are a lot of tourists there. It’s mainly foreign backpackers here so we think she is on a travelling trip.

‘She wasn’t making any sense. She will not say what happened to her and she refused to answer any questions in English and Thai.’

A police spokesman said: ‘The woman was found without any clothes. She was uncooperative and has not said anything.

‘She has been checked by nurses and there is no suspicion of any attack on her. She not complain about anything.

‘We still don’t know who she is and why she was running away from us.

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