Nigerians Must Know The Truth And It Will Set Us Free… By Emmanuel Ewere Zion Esq

Emmanuel Ewere Zion Esq
Emmanuel Ewere Zion Esq

The Ibgos want Biafra; the North, likewise Yorubas wants Igbo’s exit- the Ibgos are saying “we have investments in your areas and cannot leave them”. So the fight is brewing.

In the midst of all these, the President is in London, governors and their officials have their children schooling abroad, as they share bailout funds.  Workers’ salaries are not paid, as corrupt ministers and senators are looting our common wealth.

The poor Hausa man rides Okada, likewise poor Igbo and Yoruba men for their livelihood. The poor Hausa man sleeps under the bridge as Alamajiri, the poor Yoruba man sleeps under the bridge as Alaye, so does the poor Ibo man  under the bridge as Agbero

Therefore, it is pertinent to note that the poor from all ethnic groups in Nigeria have everything in common and so is the rich.

The Biafran agitation of an Igbo man who lives in the UK or US  must not be allowed to cause the killing of the Ibo man in Adamawa. We must not also allow the Alhaji whose children live abroad  to persuade us to go and start killing on the street of Kaduna.

The problem in the country is not the agitation of any ethnic group but the unity of the elite and the disunity of the masses.

Dear agitator, how many times have you taken your agitation to question your Local Government Chairmen?  Why have you not asked your Governors through agitation, how they spent bailout fund? Why have you not agitated against that government official in whose mansions you go to beg for help?

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Sad to note; all the Governors, past Presidents, senators, top government officials and public funds looters love themselves and are strongly united.

Why can’t you and  I (the masses) love ourselves, why can’t we combine efforts to fight them? Why do we fight ourselves and allow them the freedom we don’t have?

Having read a lot of propaganda materials from these elements orchestrating secessionist ideas, I have come to the conclusion that this ethnic “unrest” the cabal is creating is both fictitious and evil just like the recession they created.

A Biafran ideologue would tell you that the Biafran dream is a thing of the mind. I hereby suggest that it remains in the minds of those propagating it. We understand how marginalised EVERYONE is. It is not an Igbo, Arewa or Oduduwa problem. It is a problem of the political and economic structures we’ve been forced to operate.

Let everyone who cares to know listen carefully to this – There are only two tribes in Nigeria; the RULING ELITE and the SUFFERING MASSES. If we had otherwise, why are South-Eastern lawmakers in the National Assembly “silent” on this Biafran issue?

We understand what they are up to. No wonder there are rumours of coup plots.

On 6th of June, I read the statement of the Youths of Oduduwa Forum asking the Northern elements to also get ready to leave. Same idea was propagated by another group RONDEL  (Region of Niger Delta) though very soft.

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All these propaganda should not sway us as good Nigerians. In as much as we understand that every tribe has a right to self determination, we should not allow the propaganda machine planted in “one Abuja room” divide us. Instead, we must come together as a people and seek a political and economic alternative to our problem.


We have all been marginalised. Or how better do you explain marginalisation in a case where after having all certificates in the world, you must have to know somebody before you become anybody? How better do you explain it?

In Nigeria, my observation so far is that religion has failed us, our political system and social interaction have also failed – now our economy is failing.

Our hearts are still beating and alive; which means we are yet to fail. So then, this is a wake-up call not to fail. We must use this medium wisely to preach the massage of true democracy where sovereignty is bestowed on the people and not the leaders. We must preach accountability and integrity.

Lastly as youth we must wake up and assume our place in fixing one NIGERIA.

Remember this!  Nigeria was fixed by men in their youth. Likewise, only young and resonate people like u and me can keep the Nigerian dream alive.



  1. Well said ZION. However, It is only those with third eyesight​ and sixth sense that will appreciate the truth you wrote. Keep it up and may your ink never run dry.

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