Mystery woman ‘crying through people’s letterboxes in the middle of the night’

Mystery woman ‘crying through people’s letterboxes Police were called by a number of people living in Burnard Crescent (Picture: Google)

A woman spent the night crying through the letterboxes of residents on a small road.

And, naturally, they have been left terrified.

Some fear they are being targeted in a new plot to burgle homes in Kirkby, Merseyside.

Police were called by a number of people living in Burnard Crescent following reports of a woman shouting through letterboxes between 2am and 5am on July 15, reported.

One resident said they were concerned that the woman was part of a ploy, and if they answered the door someone would ‘barge in’ and burgle them.

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Another said she ‘no longer feels safe’ in her home.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Bec Edmunds said: ‘Someone was knocking at my door but I ignored it. I woke up and my back gate was open.

‘The old lady living over the road said the same thing happened but a lady was crying at hers saying she had no money.

‘It’s awful. Knowing that this lady came to mine is scary. I feel like she’s going to come back and knowing she went through my back gate is even worse’.

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Another woman wrote on Facebook: ‘Around 2am on Friday morning we heard banging on our door but I was too scared to go down.

‘I stopped my boyfriend going down because I was shaking. You just don’t expect it.’

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