Outcry in courtroom as racist SA farmers who forced a black man into a coffin with a ‘snake’ get $77 bail


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Two white South African men accused of forcing a black man into a coffin have been granted 1,000 rand ($77; £58) bail, reports IOL news.

The news site adds there was “outcry in the courtroom” when judgment in the bail application was pronounced.

Farm owners, Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen are accused of pushing Victor Mlotshwa into a coffin and threatening to douse him with petrol and burn him alive.

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When Mr Mlotshwa resisted, the farmers are alleged to have threatened to put a snake into the coffin with him.

They were arrested last November after a video of the alleged incident was posted online.

The trial is due to take place between 31 July and 10 August.

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In their affidavits in earlier appearances the men said they wanted to teach Mr Mlotshwa a lesson for trespassing but meant him no harm.

They are expected to enter an official plea at the trial.

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