Pre-wedding HIV, genotype tests now compulsory in Bauchi

HIV, genotype tests
HIV, genotype tests

Bauchi State Government has enacted a law that mandates intending couples to conduct HIV and genotype tests.

This was disclosed at a meeting of stakeholders at the Bauchi State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis/Leprosy and Malaria, BACATMA.

The law to provide for compulsory HIV/AIDS and genotype tests before marriage and to prohibit stigmatisation, discrimination of HIV/AIDS victims was enacted by the Bauchi State House of Assembly and cited as “Bauchi State Compul-sory Genotype, HIV test, Anti-Discrimination Law, 2017.

According to a document distributed at the meeting, the purpose of the law was to protect the rights and dignity of intending couples, people living with HIV or affected by AIDS and Sickle Cell disease.

The law stipulates that parents and guardians must subject their children and wards to HIV and genotype tests and must disclose their status before marrying them off.


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