‘I’m Tired of Eating Human Flesh’ – Suspect Tells Police

South Africa's Cannibal Killer

South Africa’s Cannibal Killer

Four suspects have appeared briefly in a court in South Africa to face charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder after they were accused of cannibalism.

Two of them are traditional healers. Some of them use body parts for ritual purposes.

The arrests followed the confession of a man who walked into a police station in Estcourt, a small rural town in KwaZulu-Natal, declaring to officers that he was “tired of eating human flesh”.

When policemen questioned him‚ the man produced part of a human leg and a hand.

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He then led investigators to a house where more body parts were found.

A police spokesperson told the BBC that it is possible that the four young men, aged between 22 and 32 years-old, are part of a bigger syndicate and investigations are still continuing.

A team of forensic experts has been called in order to identify the mortal remains, as it is not clear whether the body parts belong to one or several victims.

People whose relatives had disappeared in Estcourt and surrounding areas have been urged to contact the police.

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A month ago in Durban, the biggest city in KwaZulu-Natal, a man was arrested in possession of a human head, which was concealed in a backpack.

It is believed he was trying to sell it to a traditional healer.


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