My pastor sexually abused me – Jenifa’s Diary ‘Toyo baby’ reveals

Juliana Olayode
Juliana Olayode
Juliana Olayode popularly known as Toyo Baby of Funke Akindele’s Jenifa’s Diary comic series, has revealed how she was sexually abused by her pastor.
Toyo Baby made this revelation known in her new book titled “REBIRTH”.
According to her, “Writing this book brought me a mix of emotions. I cried hard, laughed hard, smiled, giggled…and had to forgive some people over and again. I have been working on this book for a couple of months and I am glad it is finally available to you! I am sure it would be your favorite book after your first read.”

The actress in the 23rd chapter of her book, revealed the good, the bad and ugly things she went through as a teenager.

On her pastor abusing her sexually, she wrote:My pastor sexually abused me - Jenifa's Diary ‘Toyo baby’ reveals

“I got to church and it was just the pastor there and I assumed he was the one who picked his children from school that day as they were still in their school uniforms and they were with him in church. He told me to come into his office and asked his children to go into the car.

In his office, he asked me if I read the scriptures he gave me and if I observed my prayer time. I told him I did. So he then claimed God told him I needed a spiritual bath and that I had to take my clothes off. He claimed his office had been supernaturally made a spiritual bathroom and he wanted to wash away the dirty water that was poured on me in my dream.

As he spoke those words, I began to cry. Was my case that critical? Why would God want me to have a bath in the pastor’s office? Couldn’t God wash me without me taking off my clothes? Why all these complications?

The pastor told me to stop crying and that I should follow God’s instructions through him.

He said he would excuse me so God could do the sanctification. He left his office. I shut the door, made sure the windows were locked and put the curtains down. I was naked in his office. He had told me how to pray and I prayed. I cried as I did.

I saw the door handle moving so I quickly got up, and got dressed. I opened the door and he came in with oil. He claimed again that God asked him to anoint my body from head to toe. So, the anointing session started. He anointed my head, my eyes, and was moving down. When he got to my chest, he did the sign of the cross and wanted to proceed to touch me. I stopped him and told him to put the oil in my hand. I would anoint myself.

He told me to lie down, that he wanted to anoint me down there. It was at the point when he wanted to anoint me, I remembered I had forgotten to wear my pant when I hurriedly dressed up. At that time, I also remembered the dirty things Mr. F used to talk about. It was then my eyes were opened and I knew what this man was trying to do to me. I got upset, took my bag and left immediately.”

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