This Is What Jidenna Had To Say After Nigeria Qualified For 2018 World Cup

An excited Nigerian-American singer, Jidenna took to Twitter, Saturday night after his home country qualified for the World cup to ask popular game makers to put back Nigeria in FIFA video games.

Sometime this year, a Reddit user wanted to name his own team on FIFA 17 ‘Nigeria’, only to find out that’s not allowed. According to this user, if you try to use ‘Nigeria’ or even similar terms such as ‘e-Nigerian’, the game will prevent you from proceeding, telling you that squad name “contains a censored word”.

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On Saturday night in Uyo, Nigeria became the first African country to qualify for the Russia 2018 World cup after Alex Iwobi scored the only goal in a match against Zambia.

Read Jidenna’s tweet below:


Credit: Stargist


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