One Corner: Patapaa Amisty laments over his song and dance step

Ghanaian Singer, Patapaa Amisty is the artiste behind the viral ‘One corner’ song and dance which has taken over the internet in the last couple of weeks. Patapaa Amisty laments over One Corner.

Social media have been set ablaze with this trending song. This song by Patapaa, requires some level of craziness to flow with it.

The winning strategy for this song was the introduction of a dance competition online; this meant that the winner carts away with a huge sum of money.

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The dance competition made the song more popular (or should we say – notorious?), because both the old, young, celebrity and ordinary person danced enthusiastically and posts it on their various social media platforms. This song has spread like wildfire such that it has become the darling of wedding parties and youth events, not just in its place of origin (Ghana), but also in our beloved country – Nigeria.

One would imagine that the song and dance, having gone this viral, should fetch the brain behind it, a lot of money but on the contrary, Patapaa, in a recent interview with KasapaFM, revealed that the viral song hasn’t brought any income of some sort to his pocket.

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He said, “Oh boss what I can say is that, I’m really content with how far my song has traveled but I can sincerely say that I can’t boast of GH¢1000 in my pocket from this hard work.”


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