Daddy Freeze opposes Oyakhilome on submission of January Salary

Daddy Freeze has opposed the founder of Believers’ Love World, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome after asking worshippers to submit all their January salary as ‘First Fruit’ unto God.

Oyakhilome, had during his sermon urged worshipers not to keep their January salary, but submit it to God as their First Fruit of the year.

“You don’t keep the first fruit, it is hallowed thing, if you keep it, it starts destroying everything in the house. This is one reason why some people don’t understand why their finances are always confused; they make money now, they lose it and they make bad decision, that is the worst part of it. Bad decision is the money killer.

“You hear of something that is happening, you put your money into it, when it is your turn, that is when it spoils,” Oyakhilome said.

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Responding, Daddy Freeze described Oyahilome’s preaching as deception, saying that submission of salary was not the first fruit and that there was nothing hallowed about it.

“Dear Pastor Christ, in Christianity, paying your January salary as ‘first fruit’ is not hallowed! If it were, Christ would have collected it or instructed the disciples to collect it.

“You say it makes people take bad decisions, Bill Gates, Adenuga, Dangote and Mark Zuckerberg must be making bad decisions daily then.

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“You say if people don’t pay first fruit, then their finances become confused, I’m currently praying for Adenuga and Dangote’s type of financial confusion,” he said.