Home News Maryland nanny drowns 8-month-old girl as punishment for disturbing her sleep

Maryland nanny drowns 8-month-old girl as punishment for disturbing her sleep

A nanny force-fed an infant girl milk until she drowned to death after the baby woke her up from a nap.

Oluremi Adeleye, 73, was found guilty of child abuse and murder on Monday for the death of eight-month-old Enita Salubi in Maryland in 2016.

A nanny camera captured the horrifying moment when Adeleye pours nearly eight ounces of milk in the child’s mouth in less than 30 seconds.

The young girl can be seen in a walker, trying to wake Adeleye up from a nap on the couch, according to the Washington Post.

Adeleye eventually gets up from the couch and removes the top off the child’s bottle before pouring the liquid down the baby’s throat

Prosecutors say, the girl appeared to ‘squirm and aggressively resist’ while the nanny continues to pour milk into her mouth.

The young child can be seen falling to the ground – but Adeleye picks her up and continues to pour more liquid in her mouth from a second bottle until she is rendered unresponsive.

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Oluremi Adeleye  (Prince George’s County Police Department)

Adeleye then called the girl’s father, Influence Salubi, who was at work and told him that something was wrong with his daughter.

In court Monday, Influence Salubi said that his daughter’s feet were cold, her arms were limp, and milk poured out of her nose and mouth when he returned home.

The official cause of death was asphyxiation. ‘What did you do?! What happened!’ he recalled screaming at the nanny as he tried to suck the liquid from his child’s face.

‘You left home with a live baby and come home with a dead baby. It’s not something I cannot forget,’ he said, shaking with emotion as he testified.

Adeleye’s lawyer, Douglas Wood, argued that his client should not be convicted of child abuse because her actions to feed the child were not malicious or cruel.

‘All she wanted to do was feed the child. She wanted to make sure the baby was healthy and the baby was well fed,’ Wood said.

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Adeleye testified that she was not trying to harm the child and told the court that the practice of forcing children to eat is customary in her native Nigeria. Prosecutors disagreed, claiming that she was just trying to stop the baby from crying.

Upon her conviction, Judge Karen Mason said the fact that Adeleye made false claims that she did not unscrew the bottle’s top before feeding the baby proves ‘consciousness of guilt.’

Adeleye admitted to removing the bottle’s top only when she was told there was video of the incident. ‘You have two loving, caring parents who did everything right. They interviewed the sitter, they got references and they did their homework and research by all accounts,’

Prosecutor Aisha Braveboy said. ‘But she abused this young child and the reason we were able to prove it is because the parents had the foresight to install a camera.’