Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, is under fire for alleged betraying the cause of the struggle by calling for election boycott in support of President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election bid.

Former Niger Delta Militants’ leader, Asari Dokubo, in a video interview, described the call for boycott of election as “madness by those who had sold their conscience out to the enemies of Biafrans,” urging the people to come out en masse to vote Buhari to avenge the killings of innocent people in Biafra land.

He said: “In the struggle for independence of our mother land, there are those who have set to divide Biafrans into pockets and privileges for reasons that they cannot explain fully to us. There are those who are not working for the interest of Biafra, but are working for an interest that we are not yet sure.

“You are working for the enemies, the only beneficiary of election boycott is our enemy, Muhammadu Buhari; God forbid that you are working for him, because, sooner or later, what ever that is hidden will come to limelight, and it will not be too late, Biafrans will come in judgement against you.


“This is Buhari who killed our people and your fellow IPOB members. You, Nnamdi Kanu, admitted that you made a mistake by asking for election boycott during the Anambra State governorship election that brought Governor Willie Obiano to power; Obiano, a known supporter of Buhari’s second term.

“Buhari’s security men have killed and maimed members of IPOB. Whether you call him Buhari or Jubril, or you call him any name, it is immaterial. The cabals have somebody they call Buhari there in Aso Rock who is in power, and they love power; and the only way you can punish them is to use your permanent voter card (PVC) against them.

“The people must come out to vote against the enemy, Buhari. There is nothing you can do about it. Why are you calling for the boycott of the election? Will it work in Ijaw, Ikwere, Anioma and other places? It will not work, you are deceiving yourself, leading your people to death. It is shameful, you are not an Igbo man, you are a traitor of the highest order.

“Every Igbo man should listen to me; our voting for this election will help us  avenge the deaths of our people killed by Buhari’s security men. Let nobody deceive you my brother, by going behind to seal a deal. We must vote to teach Buhari a lesson,” Asari declared.

But, the Deputy Leader of IPOB, Uche Okofar-Mefor, described the allegation against Kanu as false, malicious and baseless, stressing that they cannot mix resource control with freedom of the people of Biafra, as championed by Asari.

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