A video caught the moment a groom slapped his bride in front of shocked wedding guests – because she teased him with a slice of cake.

The newlywed man – who already looks quite angry – can be seen feeding his new wife a piece of wedding cake, before she playfully pretends to return the favour.

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Wearing a wedding dress, tiara and veil, the bride pulls the cake away from his mouth with a smile on her face, which causes her husband to snap.

He can be seen in the video, believed to have been captured in Central Asia, angrily slapping her cheek.


The groom hit so hard it caused the unnamed bride to fall backwards on a seat behind her.

A woman holding the plate of cake can then be seen grabbing the groom before another man appears to pull him away in fear he will continue to lash out.

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He also appeared to shout something at his wife.

The bride can be seen in the clip holding her face in agony as concerned guests comfort her.

Social media users have hit out at the ‘wife beater’ online, with one saying: ‘That guy needs to be taught a lesson in human rights and the woman needs to file for an annulment, ASAP!’