A pedophile priest abused a seven year-old altar server so badly she vomited, then made the little girl clean the mess up, police say.

Sabine Griego, 81, reportedly groomed the youngster while working at the Queen of Heaven Roman Catholic Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by offering her ‘weird black Halloween candy.’

He is said to have warned her that if she ever told anyone what he was doing, he would cut her tongue out, kill her, and hurt her mother.

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Griego, accused of targeting the child around 1990 and 1991, began attacking the girl by leading her into the church rectory after saying he wanted to ‘play a special game.’


The alleged pervert gave the child wine to drink, then began assaulting her with a wooden spoon, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported.

He is said to have begun raping the child when she was eight, and would knock her down, then cover her mouth with his hand.

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The girl told police that on one occasion she bit her alleged abuser’s hand, prompting him to slap her, before continuing the rape.

On another occasion when the girl was nine, she says Griego lashed out at her for an unspecified reason, slamming her face into a table and breaking her nose.

Hospital records obtained from 1991 show the girl was admitted for a nasal injury around that time.

She suffered nightmares and began to self-harm before telling her family what had happened when she was 13.

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Her allegations were finally reported to police in 2018, with Griego now charged with one count of sexual penetration of a minor, and coercion resulting in greater bodily harm and mental anguish.

Griego, who is being held without bond, was implicated in eight closed case files in New Mexico between 1993 and 1995.

He was put in leave in 1993, but not formally dismissed from his clerical duties until 2005. (Metro)