Another Nigerian Saheed Ayinde Sobade was allegedly nabbed on Thursday with 1,183 grams of cocaine powder in Jeddah.

This is just a few days after the execution of Kudirat Afolabi in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a drug-related offence.

The senior special assistant to the president on foreign affairs and diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, made this known while speaking at a programme on Arise Television on Friday.

“I have bad news for you. Just yesterday, in the midst of the cacophony of 20 to be killed, eight have been killed, another Nigerian was caught with cocaine in Jeddah,” said Dabiri-Erewa.

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“He was caught with 1,183 grams of cocaine powder. As he was arrested, the mission was informed and his name is Saheed Ayinde Sobade.”

On Thursday, the federal government had condemned the execution of Afolabi — a widow and mother of two — who was executed on April 1, saying that the Saudi authorities did not inform the Nigerian missions in Saudi Arabia of the arrest and prosecution of the deceased Nigerian.

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Dabiri-Arewa further stated that the Saudi authorities have never spared any country when it comes to drugs, adding that Nigeria only advocates for fair trial.

She also called on Nigerians not to “tribalise crime, no matter what.”

“It’s a sad commentary that at this point in our lives we are tribalising crime. Crime is crime. We should not debase the green passport. We should not allow a few bad eggs to spoil the bond. The Dubai thing was all over the places. We saw the faces released to the public; only the eyes were covered and also the names,” said the presidential aide.

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“So, there’s no reason why it will not be mentioned. However, for the Saudi incident, the woman that was executed, we have to tell the family first before making an announcement. So after informing the family, the minister for foreign affairs issued a statement stating her name, Kudirat Adesola Afolabi, a lady and a mother of two.