A drunk mother who threw her nine-month-old son from an 82ft bridge has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

Iryna Shynkaruk, 42, threw Pavlik Shynkaruk from the Inhul Bridge in the city of Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine’s Mykolaiv Oblast region.

The baby boy, who spent 15 minutes floating face down in icy water, miraculously survived after being rushed in the intensive care unit in a coma.

According to reports, the mother was heavily drunk when she was walking along the bridge carrying Pavlik in one hand and a bag of alcohol in the other.

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After throwing Pavlik from the bridge, Shynkaruk started calling for help and was heard by some passers-by who called the police.

Two patrol officers quickly arrived at the scene where they saw Pavlik dressed in a blue winter jacket drifting down the river.

The officer Andrey Belous said to local media: “We had only seconds. I rushed to the river bank with a flashlight in my hand.

“There I saw the child drifting face down 30metres [98ft] from the river bank.

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“I began to undress going to swim towards him but at this very moment I saw an approaching motor boat.

“It turned out that the people in the boat were also looking for the baby. I give them a signal with my flashlight and they picked up the child.

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“The baby was blue with cold.”


Yesterday, after a one-year investigation, Shynkaruk was sentenced to ten years in prison and deprived of parental rights.

The baby’s father is also serving a prison sentence, reports say.

Pavlik was adopted by his father’s sister, who is reportedly taking good care of him and his health is back to normal.