An Anglican bishop has bared his mind on the question of churches receiving cash donations from political leaders.

Bishop Timothy Gichere of the ACK Mt Kenya Central diocese on Sunday, April 21, faulted leaders who were at the forefront condemning churches for accepting ‘gifts’ from politicians.

He was speaking to prisoners where he led the Easter celebrations where he was categorical that the church was fully behind the war on graft, but not at their own expense. “It is unfair for politicians to be using the church as a campaign platform and to spread hate,” he went on.

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Gichere insisted they would continue to accept money from the leaders until the courts find them guilty of corruption.


According to cleric, it was hard for the church to distinguish “clean money” from that which was acquired through unscrupulous means hence they would continue to accept support from the leaders.

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He also said no one should judge another leader for their generosity and instead let the courts determine whether or not they are corrupt.

“When leaders come to church and contribute money with clean hearts, we can’t decline because we are not in a position to know if the money is gotten from corruption and we are not there to rebuke and label people as corrupt because that is the obligation of the courts,” Gichere said on Sunday.


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