Nollywood actress gives Wizkid one week ultimatum, threatens suicide

Nollywood actress, Uche Okoye, may be dead one week from now if multi-award winning music star, Wizkid, does not reciprocate her love for him.

Uche took to Instagram on Tuesday to give Wizkid a one-week ultimatum to reciprocate her love failing which she would take her own life.

According to Uche, the music artiste has failed to respond to several love overtures from her on Instagram.

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However, she said Tuesday’s message would be the last if Wizkid fails to respond as she would take her own life.

She wrote: “Am back again, am back again. It’s me and Wizkid today, you can’t be messing with my heart and expect me to lay back.

“I have had it up to here. Today I have come for you and me to settle it.

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“Wizkid! You can’t be messing with my heart like that na, check it. Is it proper? is it right?

“No!. I have been a fan since way back. I like this dude. I have been tagging this dude. he won’t say he does not know me.”

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