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Kenyan MP kicked out of parliament for carrying baby


A female MP in Kenya has been kicked out of parliament in the capital, Nairobi, for taking her baby into the chamber.

Zulekha Hassan said she had “had an emergency” and had to take her baby to work.

Parliamentary proceedings which were aired live by the Kenyan public broadcaster, KBC, were temporarily disrupted when she walked into the chamber carrying her child.

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The deputy speaker had the difficult task of controlling MPs as some began shouting and others could be seen shoving each other.

He ordered Kwale county women’s representative out of the chamber, saying her move was “unprecedented”.

Ms Hassan told journalists that parliament had still not set up a family room despite agreeing to do so in 2013.

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According to the house rules, strangers are not allowed into the chamber, children included.

The drama has started a debate on social media. Some have been praising the MP, pointing to other countries allow babies in parliament, but other tweeters accuse her of being an attention seeker.