My life has fallen apart since I stopped using black magic – Singer cries out

J Hus

Fans of British-Gambian star J Hus have reacted with mixed feelings to his announcement that he has used “black magic” in the past.

“When I stopped doing black magic is when my life fell apart,” the 23-year-old wrote on Snapchat on Wednesday, adding “Juju J is back”.

A screengrab of J Hus' post on Snapchat

J Hus – real name Momodou Jallow – had some of the biggest hits of 2017 with his debut album Common Sense, but was jailed for carrying a knife the following year and hasn’t released a new body of work since.

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He didn’t go into more detail about what his beliefs meant in practice, but many fans took to social media to criticise the rapper.

Others said they weren’t surprised because of several references to juju in his music, while some people said they believed many other artists in the UK grime and Afrobeats scenes partake in black magic.

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J Hus appeared to backtrack in a later post, writing: “You know what, I could of [sic] explained it better. I see magic different to how u lot see magic. Words are magic.

“Remember I told u, ur casting spells when u speak, that’s why it’s called spelling when you right it. It’s all magic.”