Why girl child becomes rape victim – Lolo 1 of WAZOBIA

Ace broadcaster, Omotunde Adebowale Davies popularly known as Lolo 1, has bemoaned the vulnerability of the girl child.

According to her, poverty and pornography are linked to girl child abuse. She said: “The girl child is an endangered species and poverty is at the heart of the reason. The girl child is susceptible to rape from the day she’s born especially when she is born to poor parents. Many of them do not even have access to education, which makes them redundant and marginalized.

“Our moral bank is bankrupt. So, a lot of children are susceptible to rape and abuse, because parents have to work harder to make ends meet and so many times, due to work pressure, children end up in the hands of care givers.

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“We have seen sad stories of children being abused. But what would you do in an economy that is hard and rough like ours where both parents have to work and children have to be given to daycare centres only to end up victims of abuse and all manner of social vices. The neglect sometimes is not intentional but the children find themselves in situations where they are abused and neglected.”

Advising parents on the way forward, Lolo stated: “Parents should try harder to make sure that their children are protected even though, sometimes, these predators are so desperate they will go to any length to satisfy their dark desires. And one of the causes is accessibility to things that deprave the mind including pornography. I would desire stiffer penalties to deter perpetrators.”