Kim Kardashian has once again been targeted by cruel trolls who claimed she is “not human” as photos show “she has six toes.”

The 39-year-old Keeping Up with The Kardashian star has faced accusations of having an extra toe on previous occasions.

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Cruel trolls have taken aim at her again after she appeared on the red carpet at the American Influencer Awards.

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Wearing open shoes, the reality star’s feet were on show for all to see and it wasn’t long after the pics appeared online that social media was flooded by those that wanted to hit out at Kim over her perceived ‘sixth toe’.

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One person took to Twitter, writing: “U really have 6 toes on both feet LMAOO You’re not human at all.”

Another cruelly added: “Why am I seeing 6 toes?”

The red sandals being worn by Kim seemed to accentuate the fact there could be another toe on her foot and this is not the first time that she has been called out over it.