Prince Charles gives a speech in pidgin

The Prince of Wales has conducted a speech in pidgin to hundreds of school pupils and other guests during the last day of his Royal tour.

Charles arrived at the Lawson Tama in Honiara to applause and was presented with a chupu – a traditional offering which included a live pig tied up.

His speech was greeted with laughter and applause as it became clear he would continue speaking in pidgin English throughout.

In his five-minute address, Charles spoke of the importance of the environment and the welcome he had received in the Solomon Islands.

He later left to return to the UK following a tour which has seen him visit India and New Zealand.

He inspected a police guard on the tarmac of Honiara airport, a band played God Save the Queen and the Solomon national anthem God Save Our Solomon Islands.

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Charles then boarded a Bombardier plane for his return to the UK. During his trip to the Solomon Islands he met a boy, 12, who found the dogtag of a US soldier, leading to the US private’s remains returning home.

Willie Bessi Devis was playing with friends near a waterfall in Barana when he came across the tag of Private First Class Dale William Ross, who served during the Second World War.

Six reasons why you shouldn't throw away banana peels

Private Ross was reported killed in action in the Guadalcanal campaign – one of more than 7,000 Allied losses – with Willie’s discovery leading to his remains being found and returned to Oregon for a burial 77 years on.