Dear young lawyers,

I welcome you all to this great year 2020 which is the start of a new decade. It is the year that will herald the start of many great tides to the profession and also to us and I wish you all the very best in your endeavours and practise.

I will like to draw your attention to some very vital situations we must be aware of and not fall victim of its negativity. I will advise that we are watchful and conscious of the happenstances evolving in our society in building a virile course for the long-term plan of our dear future.

First of all, I want to reiterate that our noble profession is gradually sinking as a result of the lawlessness and recklessness that encamps the nation which has ultimately reduced the judiciary to public mockery.


These myriads of constitutional impunities have not been duly challenged in any court and are becoming a norm in our socio-political life.

Even the government agencies have institutionalised lies as a defence for ineptitude, what a failing system.

We must be sensitive to the fact that at the moment the common man’s confidence in the judiciary is fast eroding and will often prefer self-help or the prosecutorial agencies to settle disputes instead of consulting a legal practitioner.

Full text of President Buhari’s address to the nation amidst #EndSARS protests

The inevitable consequence is a reduction in professional engagements. Therefore, we need to stand up and defend what we have and diversify our efforts and also embrace other gainful engagements like Agroprenuer and other productive investments.

It is no news that the proposed CAMA is orchestrated to strip lawyers majorly of their prospects in corporate practise and even the provision for the notary attestation may no longer be retained. We are gradually losing public fitness and worthiness with nothing to challenge or stop this impending storm.

Our NBA has not been of any help to the plights of the young lawyers and has not hidden their reluctant approach to matters that relate to our welfare.

Not surprisingly, they have no particular stand position on salient national and constitutional issues bedevilling our country! What we see are press statements and no pragmatic actions.

Well, the good thing is that this is the year for another election and our learned prowess and enlightenment which we have acquired for many years that has made us who we are must not be betrayed on cocktails and false promises.

Full text of President Buhari’s address to the nation amidst #EndSARS protests

We must realise that charity begins at home and if we can get leadership by competence and passion then we can get the country right as well. We are learned and know the right thing but keep falling for the wrong people to lead us, this should end with 2019.

Even in the scene of the executive rascality and undermining of the judiciary, it will be wise to watch those who have spoken against it and have truly shown interest for the right thing to be done.

The only thing we get to hear from some aspirants are goodwill messages and not sharing their voice or opinion on national issues. I bet you in this regime of General Buhari be rest assured they will be so silent and even wipe the butt of the executive forgetting we are the third tier of government and must check and balance the executive.

Full text of President Buhari’s address to the nation amidst #EndSARS protests

We must come together as groups to synergize and promote public interest litigation, as posterity will hold us accountable! We have to keep our hands clean and ensure we do not eat from corruptive flirts which is the order of the day, so that we may have the integrity and audacity to speak on the main stage, and nothing will be used against us.

Always remember it is not a mistake to be a lawyer at this time in Nigeria but it is an avenue to overcome the challenges and get things right. Use your discretion wisely and don’t sell your right. This new year will be good for those who are hungry, determined and not lustful.

I commend the young lawyers that have been speaking out like Ike Augustine, Adejumo Adedapo and the members of the Nigerian Young Wigs Forum, your passion and drive to see a better judiciary and Nigeria is achievable, please keep the good works.

I remain your noble esquire, Emmanuel Ewere.