Naira Marley gives four reasons people enter hell fire

Controversial Nigerian musician Afeez Fashola aka Naira Marley has listed four reasons people will be subjected to eternal damnation in hell.

According to him, those who fast must avoid some habits that easily predispose them to damnation as observing Ramadan alone is not enough to avoid going to hell.

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Naira Marley on his verified official Twitter handle on Sunday tweeted: “Four reasons for entering hell fire: 1.  Not offering Salah;  2. Not feeding the poor; 3 Idle talk, backbiting, lying, speaking without knowledge and Denying the day of resurrection”

He added: “Stop asking me if I’m fasting. Because it says, if you are sick, pregnant and have problems with your head or mad, those people shouldn’t fast and I don’t fall into that category.

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“And to all of you that keep sending bum, stop sending to me now. When I wasn’t fasting you weren’t sending me any nudes, stop sending me bum now.”