Man kills 25-year-old wife by throwing venomous cobra at her

An Indian man has allegedly killed his wife by throwing a venomous snake at her.

P. Sooraj, 27, has been arrested by police in the southern state of Kerala after the bizarre death, which came just months after a first failed murder attempt with another snake.

Officers said phone records showed the suspect had been in contact with snake handlers, and had also been watching videos of snakes on the internet.

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In March he bought a highly venomous Russell’s viper, which bit his wife Uthra, 25, and left her in hospital for almost two months, police official Ashok Kumar said.

Man kills 25-year-old wife by throwing venomous cobra at her

She was still recovering at her parents’ house on May 7, when Sooraj is alleged to have gotten hold of a black cobra, for which he paid 10,000 rupees.

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Police say Sooraj, who was staying in the same room as Uthra, waited until she was asleep before taking the snake out from a bottle and throwing it at her, Daily Star reports.

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He then stayed awake all night to ensure it didn’t bite him.

In the morning he went about his normal business as though nothing had happened until his mother-in-law found her daughter unconscious and began screaming.