Iran issues arrest warrant for Donald Trump over killing of top general

Iranian government has issued an arrest warrant for Donald Trump over the killing of top general Qassem Soleimani.

Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr said Iran has asked for Interpol’s help to detain the US President and 35 others who face ‘murder and terrorism charges’, according to the ISNA news agency. Soleimani was killed on January 3 in a US drone strike in Iraq.

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Washington blamed Soleimani, the leader of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force, for masterminding attacks by Iran-aligned militias on US forces in the region.

Alqasimehr said Iran has requested a ‘red notice’ for Trump, which represents the highest level arrest request issued by Interpol.

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The prosecutor did not identify anyone other than Trump, but stressed Iran would continue to pursue his prosecution even after his presidency ends.