Sia, 44, is now a grandmother after adopted son welcomes two kids

Just last year, Sia revealed that she was a mum after adopting a child, and in May she confirmed that she had actually adopted two sons.

And now, she’s already a grandmother at the age of 44. Life comes at you real fast. The Chandelier singer has revealed that she is a grandmother after one of her 19-year-old sons welcomed two children.

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Sia, full name Sia Furler, dropped the bombshell news on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music show, saying: ‘My youngest son just had two babies. I’m just immediately horrified.

‘No, I’m cool. They call me Nana. I’m trying to get them to call me Lovey, like Kris [Jenner]. I’m like, “Call me Lovey”.’

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Lovey or Nana, it’s quite a jump for Sia, who only became a mother in 2019 after adopting two 18-year-olds who were ageing out of the foster system.