STRANGE! Pregnant lady gives birth in her grave 4 month after being buried [VIDEO]

A piece of strange news we just got has it that a lady who has been buried for about 4 months ago has just given birth in her grave.

According to the source, the lady at the time of her burial was pregnant with the baby in her belly also declared died.

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Residents in the area who have been using the road where the lady was buried reportedly heard the cry of a baby and upon tracing the sound realised it was coming from the grave of the woman.

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They then decided to exhume the grave but to their surprise, they found out that the lady had given birth in the grave.

The caption along with the video reads: ”A pregnant woman died after 4 months they heard a baby crying in her grave, they excavated the pit and noticed she give birth to a baby inside her grave,”.

This is hard to believe!