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A lady  has come out to express how bad she feels knowing that her boyfriend has stopped cheating on her.

According to her, her relationship has turned boring and now she wants God to make her boyfriend return to his cheating ways just as he did in 2019.

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“In this 2020 drama , my bf has refused to cheat on me. He doesn’t go out, he doesn’t have password. He is always with me. Not that I don’t Appreciate it, I swear I do. But a relationship without cheating is boring.. .

“I prayed for this but from tonight I want God to make him start cheating again please When he cheated I reached orgasm from

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“When he cheated I reached orgasm from makeup sex and all that

“Maybe i’m not used to it but I prefer my 2019 boyfriend, this 2020 boyfriend is a NO NO for me. Like I feel I own him 100%

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“To me that uncertainty is sexy if he will cheat, if his new Side chicken is finer all those I miss Please post Joro, what do you think ? I need opinions”.