I thought I was investing in my future with rich Bf.

I met this guy in Abuja last year December. Oga said hebis the owner of a night club and his father owns one petrol station like that.

He said he can help me find job in NNPC or big oil company. He said he has 2 masters. Stupid me I chop everything no even shit small out.

Septuagenarian dies aboard Air Peace flight, aircraft decontaminated

First 2 days he spent on me. The remaining 2 weeks oga drained my account up to 300k. I thought I was investing in my future with rich Bf.

Oga works at the petrol station as assistant manager, he drives customers cars there at the mechanic workshop to pick me, he is times not the owner of the club o. He supplies diesel to the club.

I may lose my girlfriend if I don't buy her an iPhone

What pained me is that he had sex with me 10 times. I wish I could take my sex back!

One day I told him I was traveling, I didn’t
travel, I went to the petrol station and saw him wearing uniform. My Kpekus block and my eyes open o. Uniform ke!

She forced me into marriage, now I'm finished!

He did not school in U.K., he schooled in Laspotech. Oga never called me till today. I have removed him from my body count. He is not worthy!