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“He came back smelling of female perfume” – Should I carry on with the white wedding?


"He came back smelling of female perfume", Should I carry on with the white wedding?

Good evening. I never knew I will come online for advice but I need some at the moment. Please keep me anonymous.

I wedded weeks ago (trad wedding / intro) don’t want to give much details On the night of my trad wedding my husband went out to take calls, I thought it was congratulations and all. But I saw he was saying see you soon, I said where is he going? He said no where. We were in my hometown.

For us to get to our hotel later and he said he has to go and see his mother, when he got there I called and called nothing. He did not pick, his mother said she has not seen him. His brother covered for him.

He came back smelling of female perfume. He cleared all his chats.

Since that day I have been suspecting him very much. I saw a chat some days ago where a lady told him why are you marrying her if you love me? I saved her number and called and called but she never picks calls

Oneday a lady picked and kept silent. The her (is me), I am weak. Like what do I do?

My mother is so happy I can’t tell her that on our traditional wedding / intro he went to and meet a lady and that his brother even covered for him.

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