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Simple Wife Material 101 Tests Every Guy Must Administer Before Marriage


Simple Wife Material 101 Tests Every Guy Must Administer Before Marriage

It is never easy when it comes to finding the right lady to spend the rest of your life with, as a guy. However, here are simple wifey tests which can help you decide whether to marry that woman you currently say is your girlfriend.

If a lady fails any of these test, do not marry her, just find yourself another relationship regardless of how irresistible her body might seem to you. The first on our list today is the “Plate Test”.

What is this all about? If you eat on the same table and she fails to clear the dishes afterwards, just japa. She is not a wifey o. Do not get married to her.

Not washing oh! Just clearing the plates…

About 4 girls that I dated last year have failed the simple test of just clearing the dishes after eating in my house. Is that a difficult task?

Guys please try it. If she does not clear the table, do not tell her about it. Some even clear only their’s and leave yours uncleared. This is the worse of them all!

When she collects your money but she is ashamed of your legal occupation.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a lady who would be proud of what you do for a living and show you off to her friends and family members, especially if you don’t drive a good car, and this now begs the question of what has happened to the saying that ‘there is dignity in labour.”

If she takes money from you but feels ashamed of the legal job you do, bro, cut off from her because she does not love you one bit.

Try and find out if her ex-boyfriend is still in the picture.

Bro, you have no business remaining in that relationship once you detect that her ‘ex-boyfrirnd is still in the picture. This is because in many of such cases, ladies still end up going back to their ex-boyfriends every now and later to do the unimaginable. I’m sure no man would live happily if this is the situation.

Having read about the red flags we have talked about and you feel they are not sufficient reasons not to proceed with the marriage. My brother, you marry her at your own risk!

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