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Video as man cries, turns into cow in Zimbabwe after sleeping with someone’s wife


The man is seen sobbing on the ground in the viral footage. He’d developed a tail and his legs had changed into cow trotters.

After sleeping with someone's wife, this man was turned into a cow In Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, a guy suspected of sleeping with a married woman has apparently changed into a cow, and video of the occurrence has gone viral.

The man was sobbing like a human, but he was also mooing like a cow in between tears. Residents in the area were stunned and amused as he moosed, filming the bizarre and spectacular episode.

As he mooses, a mob of people envelops him in shock and bemusement, filming the bizarre and dramatic event. They examine his trotters and record his tail on video.

The newspaper is still investigating the video’s veracity because no information about where it was shot is available. However, a man with an East African accent tells the story near the end.

“After sleeping with someone’s wife, this man was charmed and turned into a cow.

“I pity this man, but let this serve as a warning to those who enjoy sleeping with other people’s wives. There are many single ladies in the world.”

Some Africans think that by using juju, a man can “secure” his wife so that when another guy sleeps with her, he will have troubles.

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