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“It’s also been difficult”, says man who married 9 wives in one day


One of the wives has already chosen to divorce.

"It's also been difficult", says man who married 9 Wives in one day

According to our source, a young man who married nine wives has revealed details about their sex lives.

He claims to have a sex roaster, but things haven’t gone quite as planned. Arthur O Urso, a Brazilian, was turned off by the timeline.

“Our sex life is really fun and pleasurable,” he said. But following a timetable caused a lot of problems and sometimes I felt like I had to have sex because of the schedule, and not for pleasure.

“On other occasions I had sex with one wife while thinking about another.”

Last year, Arthur made news when he married all nine of his wives in one ceremony.

He wanted to “celebrate free love” and “protest monogamy,” but the wedding wasn’t legally binding because polygamy is prohibited in Brazil.

There have been ups and downs in our marriage, like with any other.

One of the wives has already opted to leave the group.

“She wanted to have me all to herself,” Arthur stated. We had to share, even though it didn’t make sense. I was both saddened by the separation and startled by her explanation.

“She expressed her desire for a monogamous relationship.”

It’s also been difficult for Arthur to find a decent balance in the bedroom.

Rather than organizing heated sessions, he’s decided to go with his gut sense.

“When you have that many spouses, it doesn’t take long to garner attention or affection,” he said.

“We got rid of it because it didn’t feel right, and now the sex flows organically; it’s been amazing.”

“Experiencing everything together is incredibly exciting, pleasurable, and distinctive, and they’re all very different in bed.”

“One of them, I won’t identify her to protect her privacy, like being domineering, and I prefer a lady who expresses her desires.”

While Arthur claims that his wife are unconcerned about how frequently the others make love to him, he claims that jealously arises when it comes to gift-giving.

He added: “There has been jealousy among them when I have given one of them an expensive gift and the other a lesser or less expensive one.

“They all want our undivided attention, affection, and sex, and I can’t do anything more for one than the other.

“Our relationship is still something I’m discovering.”

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