Home News Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister, steps down

Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister, steps down


Boris Johnson, the UK's prime minister, steps down

Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, has resigned from his position as the head of the conservative party.

After facing a growing mutiny within his own party due to a string of scandals, the beleaguered leader made the announcement.

The conservative leader declares in his resignation address that he will remain in office as prime minister until the party elects a new leader.

A new PM was “obviously now the will of the parliamentary party,” according to Johnson.

At Westminster, the herd instinct is strong, and when the herd moves, everything moves, he added.

He expressed gratitude to the Downing Street staff, the NHS, his wife Carrie, his kids, and the armed forces.

Johnson, 58, has been fighting for months to hold onto his position of authority after the controversy made him the first UK Prime Minister in office to be found in violation of the law.

Prior to his resignation, dozens of members of his government had done so, including two prominent cabinet members.

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