Home News My father gives me N30,000 for every child I bring— Female kidnapper

My father gives me N30,000 for every child I bring— Female kidnapper


My father gives me N30,000 for every child— Female kidnapper

Adeola Omoniyi, 22, a suspected kidnapper, disclosed how much her father, Ilesanmi Omoniyi, paid her after each abduction.

The state police command in Akure, the capital of Ondo state, paraded Adeola, who specialized in kidnapping young children from areas there.

The suspect said it was her third mission when she was stopped at Ore in the state’s Odigbo Council area.

During an interview, the suspect said that she had been giving her father, Omoniyi, the stolen children in exchange for N30,000 per operation.

“I kidnap people. I do abduct young kids, and I always bring them to my father’s home in Igbotako.

“My father would give me N30,000 for each operation after receiving the children. I do use the money for my own care. I’m not sure what he typically did with the kids. I merely deliver them to him.

“He instructed me to bring the kids to him at all times. I chose the eldest from Ilutitun and the youngest from Ilowo.

“The mother raised the alarm as I was removing the youngster.

I was taken to the police station before being transported to Akure, where people gathered to beat me.

“I’ve been operating this company for almost two years. The first one happened in 2021, and this year is the second. I always ask the children when they are alone that where are they going and I hold their hand and they will follow me.

The father, who in an interview refuted the claim, claimed that his daughter had been dealing with a mental illness.

“My daughter used to live in Lagos,” Omoniyi added. She stayed in Lagos for almost two years. They took her to me in Igbotako after she fell ill. When they brought her to me, she was completely naked.

“I later took her to church, where the preacher demanded N80,000 from me. I paid the preacher after selling my cassava.

“Later, he informed me that she was doing better, but a few days later, he called to say that he was unable to locate her since she had left the church.

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