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Sebastian Suski | Man with world’s largest cucumber breaks Guinness record, says secret is daily dose of warm water


Sebastian Suski | Man with world's largest cucumber breaks Guinness record, says secret is daily dose of warm water

If someone isn’t trying to break the record for the longest cucumber in history, they shouldn’t make size a priority in their lives.

Despite the ongoing UK droughts and a stay in the hospital, Southampton-based gardener Sebastian Suski, who was born in Poland, managed to do just that.

He broke the previous record by 2.5 inches with his outstanding specimen of “Cucumis sativus,” which was growing in his allotment until last week.

The organic cucumber has been growing in a polytunnel since May 25 for the 44-year-old, who works nights packing contact lenses.

‘Growing super-long cucumbers is a risky business,’ Sebastian told Guinness World Records.

‘If you cut too soon, you’re not going to have a record-breaker, but if you leave it too long, you get into the danger zone.

‘You risk your cucumber rotting as it grows – you don’t want it exploding on you.’

His secret is a daily dose of warm water – rather than cold. But the dad-of-four nearly missed out on the record due to a sudden illness.

Doctors discovered a leaking blood vessel in his head, so Sebastian had to spend a week in hospital.

Without his wife Renata, his king-sized cucumber would not have made it through the heatwaves in the country.

‘Luckily for me my wife Renata was on hand to care for the cucumber and keep her well-watered and nourished,’ he said.

‘Without Renata, I wouldn’t have this record.’

Proud Sebastian refers to his prize vegetable as ‘his baby’ and keeps ‘her’ safe at home wrapped in a blanket.

He says his four children, aged between three and 15, did not all previously share his love for growing mutants in their garden.

But they changed their minds when their dad was handed his official world record certificate.

Sebastian said: ‘The kids weren’t interested but now I’ve got this world record they are.

‘At first they said “daddy can’t win” and then they saw this and they went “wow”.’

If sliced up, the 17lbs vegetable could make more than 400 cucumber sandwiches.

But Sebastian – who is also growing large water melon and butternut squash – has decided not to butcher his whopper.

Instead, he will keep the seeds and grow more giant cucumbers in the near future.

He said: ‘The flesh would be no good for eating as its too ripe now so I’m going to put it on my compost heap.

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‘It will be good for my other plants because it’s got lots of nutrients in it.’


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