Angry ‘neighbours’ send note of warning to woman over her ‘loud voice’ in the other room


"Stop screaming like a..." - Angry 'neighbours' send note of warning to woman over her 'loud voice' in the other room

A woman has revealed she was shamed by her neighbours for “screaming like a pig” during s3x.

The woman, from the UK, who goes under the screen name @sharpbyname8, explained that after a night of passion she received an angry note from one of her neighbours.

Sharing a picture of the hand-written letter to Twitter, it read: “Can you please stop screaming like a pig daft’o’clock when you sh***ing!!

“We all sick of it!!! Neighbours [sic].”

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Seeing the funny side of things, she captioned the snap: “I personally thought I sounded like the herbal essence woman but go off I guess.”

Since posting on Twitter, the note has received some reactions.

One person said: “At least they have manners. That’s what I’m taking away from it.”

Another said: “I once lived in a flat and my neighbour downstairs used to bang on my ceiling with a broom handle during sex. I tried to laugh it off but [the] truth was it made my life miserable.”

"Stop screaming like a pig" - Woman shares note from neighbour telling her to stop 'screaming' in bed

But the woman in question later admitted the note made her feel “uncomfortable”.

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“As much as am joking about it honestly am very aware now. And feel hella uncomfortable [sic],” she wrote.

And later added: “If they had worded it better I’d have felt a right c**t, but this Narr I’ll be louder [sic].”

Another person wrote: “Jealous neighbours are SUCH a pain,” which the poster then replied with: “[They] think I haven’t heard [their] 4 minutes at 9pm on a Friday cause I have and no ones jealous there.”

A third admitted that they’d experienced a similar situation before and agreed it was difficult to handle.

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Another joked that she should send her neighbours a Karma Sutra book, while a further follower told her to send the note back with grammar and spelling corrections.