Baba Ijesha also molested me, promised me movie roles when I was 12 - Traumatized married mother of two

A 30 year old woman has revealed how she was also molested by Yoruba actor, Baba Ijesha, when she was just 12 years old.

According to the mother of two, Baba Ijesha deceived her by saying he wanted to teach her how to be a good actress and as a little girl she was very excited about it and drew closer to the yoruba actor who at the time was residing close to where she lived with her parents.

She said, Baba Ijesha told her he wanted to teach her how to become a good kisser and also give her movie roles.

The woman who is still traumatized till date revealed that the yoruba actor had his way and she could not tell anyone about the disgusting act.

Baba Ijesha is currently in police net for molesting the forster daughter of a popular Nigerian comedienne, Princess.

How Baba Ijesha was caught

Baba Ijesha has confessed on camera to have molested the 14 year old forster of Princess, a popular Nigerian Comedienne seven years ago.

The victim who became withdrawn and could hardly concentrate in class had to be taken to a therapist so as to ascertain what was really wrong with the victim who recently revealed that she was molested by the yoruba actor.

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After the now 14 year old victim made the revelation, Princess had to invite Baba Ijesha to her house. No sooner than the Comedienne went outside the house to attend to some other things, Baba Ijesha, not knowing he was under the watch of a camera, pulled the girl closer, started fundling her breast, licking her neck and her ear

When princess walked in unexpectedly, Baba Ijesha was caught still having some level of erection with his trousers still unzipped.

The accused who did the same thing to the same girl seven years ago, confessed to the crime, and started to plead for forgiveness.

According to Princess, she came through for Baba Ijesha when his world came crashing but could not habour him in her house because of what people might have said knowing that she had just separated from her husband at the time.

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