“Baby in me is not for my husband” – Married woman pregnant for her ex-boyfriend urgently needs your advice

Pregnant woman

I am married and I have been so for 4 years now, but I have not been able to have children of my own.

Myself and my husband have tried everything on this earth to bare children but to no avail.

We have done all, but I wanted to be sure if I wad the problem or not, maybe my husband has low sperm function, so I chose to have an extramarital affair.

"My husband caught me pants down with another man", how do I tell my mum?

We have been to a lot of pastors and imams but no baby still.

I decided to have an affair with an ex of mine which has resulted in me getting pregnant. Glory be to God – it is less than a month.

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But I don’t know what to do now knowing that the pregnancy is not for my lawfully wedded husband, but for my ex.

My mother has asked me to abort the baby or confess to my husband.

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Am so confused because I love my husband

What do I do ?

Should I confess ? Or should I abort the baby?