Birthright Citizenship, My disapproval – Ewere Emmanuel ESQ

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

This means that Birthright citizenship in the United States is acquired by virtue of the circumstances of birth,

The drafters were motivated by their utter revulsion toward slavery and a system that relegated people to subordinate political status because of their birth. They weren’t thinking of, or concerned with, any exceptions to birthright citizenship other than the absolutely essential.

Moreover, what they wrote was simple and clear. Both proponents and opponents of the language at the time knew exactly what it meant: Virtually anyone born in the United States is a citizen.

Personally, I don’t support birthright citizenship at all.  Most Scandinavian countries are now granting citizenship to none citizens parents after the said baby must have lived his or her first 10 consecutive years and finish at least elementary school in their countries.

This idea of someone travels to one country,  give birth,  go back and train the child in environment different or hostile to birth country n later return the child is bull crap and not healthy for any reasonable country.

Jihadist take advantage of it too, using this sometimes as a medium to train a terrorist and by virtue of the fact that that child is a citizen he or she will not be a perfect instrument for the execution of terrorism. The law has started and it is a matter of time,  it will go round.

I legally believe it is healthy to know who we call our own and their modus operandi.

The idea is that, it is difficult to change world view of a 10-year-old from normal to abnormal.



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