Children found ‘vomiting uncontrollably’ after ‘eating sweets containing cannabis’

Four children have been hospy after eating jelly sweets which they believed contained cannabis.

A girl, 12, boy, 12, and another boy, 13, suffered ‘a violent reaction’ after eating the ‘edibles’ on Saturday.

A fourth boy was taken to hospital as a precaution because he is also believed to have eaten the sweets but was less severely affected.

Emergency services were called to a parade of shops on Pound Lane, Epsom, where three of the children were ‘vomiting uncontrollably and falling in and out of consciousness.’

They were taken to hospital by ambulance, and all four will remain there overnight for observation. It’s thought the sweets may have been supplied to the children at the nearby Court Recreation Ground.

Police do not have a clear description of the sweets involved, although a similar report from Friday night involved ‘jelly apple rings’ which look like green jelly circles.

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Detective Sergeant Lee Marks, of Surrey Police, said: ‘We are, of course, trying to understand what these sweets are, where they came from and what they contain.

‘However, our immediate priority is to warn parents; and to tell children in the area not to be tempted to try them as they are obviously causing substantial harm.

‘These types of products, which may be marketed as ‘cannabis infused’ or ‘CBD infused’ are illegal, and therefore unregulated, in the UK.

‘They can appear to be commercial products with professional packaging, but this should not be taken as a sign that they are safe or legal.’

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