Rhema Pentecostal Church Pastor Stephen Makunda

Worshippers at Munyanza village in Butere, Kakamega County were left in a rude shock after a couple stormed a local church and demanded their donations including pastor’s clothing in a leadership feud.

Congregants at Rhema Pentecostal Church on Sunday watched in disbelief as the two carted away several items including the pastor’s suits, mobile phone, pair of shoes and innerwear.

Stephen Mukota and Suzan Wafula accused Pastor Stephen Makunda of telling other church members that they were satanic when they were helping him and the church.


“We have bought this man a lot of things including boxers that he didn’t have and now he is shaming us that we are satanic,” said Wafula.

They also accused the pastor of being unholy, saying he had abandoned his wife and eloped with another woman.

After an hour of confrontation, the couple called for a pick-up truck which they used to ferry several items they had bought for the church.


With the help of five men, the couple took the church tent, the musical instrument, the chairs, tables and thermoguns.

“Bring the phone we bought you,” the couple shouted at the pastor who had no option but to give it out.

The two also ordered the pastor to remove the suit he wore at that time, his shoes, socks and pants saying they all belonged to them.


To avoid being embarrassed, pastor Makunda excused himself to a room and changed into another attire.

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The two said they had made the decision because the pastor had called them freemasons and ‘Illuminati’.

“We have done a lot to this man and for him to stand in front of people and call us freemasons and Illuminati is very degrading, he deserves what he has gotten,” said Mukota.


According to Pastor Makunda, the two turned against him for trying to question their motive when they tried to take over the church’s leadership.

He said he was forced to question them because they acted cultishly and that after praying on the matter, “God confirmed” to him they were satanic.

“I can’t explain the motive behind stripping and embarrassing me in the public but I guess it’s because I am prayerful and had questioned their source of finances,” said Makunda.


He said the couple had arrived three weeks ago at in black and dark glasses.

“They came here with black goggles that looked satanic and were speaking devilish (sic),” said the church leader.

The pastor accused the couple of trying to break up his family life by trying to create a rift between him and his ex-wife.


“They have been trying to tell my ex-wife and children to wear tattered clothes and say I have neglected them thus making me unworthy of a church leader,” said Makunda.