Cynthia Morgan: Sterling Bank to bring singer's career back to life

Sterling Bank is set to come to the rescue of the once queen of Nigeria reggae dancehall,  Cynthia Morgan who now goes by the name Madrina.

In a recent Instagram live interview with Upfront With Sandra, the “German Juice” singer opened up about her contract crisis with her label and illness.


The Edo born singer revealed that she relocated to Benin to recuperate and save costs. She also fell into depression after she found her resources drained.

Morgan revealed that she fell out with her former label head Jude Okoye, brother to renowned defunct group PSquare. She alleged that Okoye has taken over her Instagram and VEVO accounts and has also stopped her from using the stage name Cynthia Morgan.

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“I went through a lot as Cynthia Morgan that a lot of people didn’t know about,” she told Upfront With Sandra.”

Morgan said that Jude Okoye didn’t promote her but was only shooting videos. She said that Okoye claims she is owing him the money spent on shooting the music videos.

In a tweet from the official Sterling Bank account handle, the bank has expressed it’s interest to help the singer get back on her feet again.

“Hey Cynthia Morgan, we have followed your story and believe there is a bright future ahead of you. We would like to work with you on our ONE BANK campaign. Please get in touch by DM.”

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