“Depression pushed me into becoming a drug addict” — Olamide opens up mental health challenges


Nigerian rapper, Olamide Adedeji, has opened up about his mental health challenges and struggle with depression.

The artiste who recently released an album, titled; Carpe diem, revealed on a track that he was depressed at some point in his life.

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Olamide featured Bella Shumurda on the song “Triumphant” where he talked about his losing his dad and how depression made him turn to drugs and alcohol.

A line in the lyrics of the song reads, “Mo dye irun mi ni yellow mo tun dye e si green many thought it was fashion but i was loosing my mind… Mo den ma n fagbo moju, moti moju, mo de man ronu moju.. Gbogbo kirakita ati ikanju ti mo kanju, mommy ati daddy ti lo mhen omo mo need lati sanju.”

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The English translation means, “I smoked and drank alcohol every night, I had thoughts every night. All my struggles and rush, my parents are gone and I just have to move on with life.”