#EndSars: Daddy Freeze knocks popular Nigerian pastors


Popular On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze, has taken to social media to criticize Nigerian pastors for choosing to keep mum amid the ongoing #EndSars protests.

According to Freeze, these pastors have refused to support / say a word about the #EndSars struggle.

The OAP called out pastors to lend their voices citing that their decision to remain silent about the situation is not the best.

Creating the hashtag #WhyIsTheChurchSilent, the 44 year old wrote on twitter;

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“Why are many pastors silent? I’m searching the scriptures, looking desperately for the person who Christ collected permission from, before entering the temple with a whip in John 2:15 Face with rolling eyes ~FRZ #EndSARS #WhyIsTheChurchSilent #SilenceIsViolence #SARSMUSTEND #SarsMustGo #Lekki”

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In another tweet Daddy freeze wrote;